Term 3 – Week 3 – Enterprise Report

This week we made a start on our Enterprise Reports. An Enterprise Report is an analysis of a horticultural enterprise including details on the property and activities. It is broken down into 3 sections:

1 – Physical features including location, size, climate, topography etc

2 – Production features including plants or crops grown, growing methods, crop production schedules etc

3 – Management features including personnel, management methods, new technology, client base and future trends

I have decided to do my report on the Campus Nursery Complex. I started by photographing all the buildings and facilities that make up the nursery and I’m now working through typing up each section of the report.


A few of the buildings that make up the nursery at the Central Campus

Wednesday this week was spent at the Bannockburn Road site to plant the new section of cherry trees. There are 500 Romance cherry trees and 430 Sweethearts to be planted.

First we worked in groups to come up with a planting plan for the trees. Trevor already had the real plan worked out so this was more for the experience.

The plan was to plant them using the Upright Fruiting Offshoots (UFO) system. The rows are 2.5 meters apart with the trees 2 meters apart. In the UFO system the trees are planted at a 45 degree angle and are trained to grow along wires. This has a lot of benefits, easy pruning and picking, uniform light distribution and using the cherry trees natural ability to grow upright shoots.


Cherry trees planted using the UFO system

However, not all the 930 trees would fit into the site using just UFO. The remaining trees would need to be planted using the Super Slender Axe (SSA) system. SSA is more high density than UFO so it made sense to have a couple of SSA rows to fit in more trees. Trees are planted only 1 meter apart, so double the number per row than the UFO system.


Difference between SSA and UFO training systems

Once the plan was in place we went out to the empty site and started by measuring off the corners and getting the rows marked out with string. Then working down the rows and marking every 2.5 meters with spray paint.


Measuring and marking for planting


Next, the hard part started – digging!


Digging holes for the new trees to be planted

Then the fun part – planting!

We’ll be back at it next Wednesday to get more planted. Only 800 to go!

Thursday was another propagation day in the nursery. The bare rooted trees had arrived from Appleton’s Nursery and they needed to be put into pots. It was so interesting to see how they bag them up to be sent to customers.


Bare rooted trees arrive at the nursery. 300 trees in those 2 bags!


There were also some seeds to be sowed to get ready for the Spring Sale in October. I did a tray of chives. These were put straight into 4 x pot punnets unlike the geraniums I did last week that went into one big hygiene tray. This means they won’t have to be re-potted.


Since I was in the nursery I checked up on the geraniums we planted last week. I’m happy to say they are looking great! Heaps of little sprouts sticking up. They have done so well they were ready to move from the heat bed to the glasshouse.


Geraniums have sprouted! Grow babies grow!

The weather this week has cold but clear. Frosty mornings and sunny afternoons.





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