Term 3 – Week 5 – Mix


Potting mix experiment – will anything germinate? 

This week was something different everyday. On Monday the topic was Soil-less Media, which is basically a fancy way of saying potting mix. Ingredients can include peat, bark, compost, sand, coir fibre (coconut husk), fertilisers and wetting agents.

We looked at several different varieties of commercial potting mix and the Polytechnic’s own potting mix blends to see the differences. As as experiment to see how they perform we have filled a tray with each variety and will leave them in the greenhouse on the mist bed. I’m interested to see if any weeds germinate – in theory there should not be any.


Examining the contents wearing masks to reduce the risk of Legionnaires Disease

On Tuesday we took a trip to Naseby to go curling.  The outdoor rink wasn’t frozen anymore but luckily there is an indoor facility there. It took a few turns to get used to sliding the heavy stones over the ice. I really had to build up the momentum before releasing the stone otherwise it didn’t make it to the other end, over the ‘hog line’ as they say in curling. It was great fun and I would definitely do it again.


On Wednesday we were back at it planting the cherry trees. We managed to get all the trees in just before it started raining, which I was very pleased about. I was muddy enough already!

On Thursday Annabel Langbein and a chef from the USA came to the campus for a cooking demonstration and talk on eating locally grown or sourced food. I enjoyed the cooking demo (and sampling the results!) but the message on eating local and in season didn’t really come across or fit with the ingredients they used. Chili’s from Fiji and green papaya for example.


Scampi! Yum!


I checked up on the geraniums in the glasshouse. They are progressing well and starting to get their next leafs.


Baby geraniums

This week’s weather has been fairly warm with some rain on Wednesday afternoon that got heavier in the evening and dried out overnight. Only a couple of frosty mornings.




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