Term 3 – Week 9 – Vegetables

036309f12ac2334744c447834fdbb7b3.jpg d9b7fd19f2a7d2a502f7e9585f90d731.jpg

During the last week of Term 3 we took a look at vegetable gardens. We talked about the history of vegetable gardening, including the “Dig for Victory” campaign that was pushed during World War II when food was being rationed. I wonder how people would react now if the government had to initiate a rationing scheme.

Food security is one of the benefits of having your own vegetable garden; not needing to rely on New World for 100% of our food. In many areas if there was a natural disaster that cut off food supply lots of people would be vulnerable to hunger or malnutrition.

Other benefits of having your own vegetable garden include:

  • Fresh produce right outside your door
  • Cheaper than the supermarket
  • Less pesticide/herbicide used – or none!
  • Satisfaction of growing your own
  • Environmentally friendly – cutting down on resources

You can start a vegetable garden easily without a lot of equipment or flash potting mix, but I really like the look of this type of raised bed garden:


Left: Example of planting guide. Right: One of the vegetable gardens on Campus

Below are a couple of links to YouTube videos related to gardening that I found interesting. The first one is about setting up a community vegetable garden in Uganda.

The second kind of relates to food security. It’s about the last garden centre running in Aleppo (warning: it’s a tearjerker…)

YouTube video about a keyhole garden in Uganda

YouTube video about the last garden centre in Aleppo

On Thursday we did a lot of pricking out of the tomatoes. Tray after tray!


A small portion of the tomatoes ready for the plant sale

Last week’s weather:



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