Term 1 – Week 1 – Back to School


The new school year has begun! There was an orientation for all students on Monday. It was great to meet the new horticulture students. Everyone has such different backgrounds and I find it fascinating how we have all ended up wanting to give horticulture a try. There are only about 7 newbies, so it will be a nice small class this year.

On Wednesday we had a day on health and safety. While important, it is not the most interesting topic. Although on the positive side it seems that whenever Wayne takes a class I always end up feeling like it’s a miracle anyone is still alive at all. Health & Safety, Agrichemicals, gun safety – his real life close call stories are very entertaining!

Thursday and Friday were set for the new students to do the tractor theory so I had a very light week.

Out at Bannockburn Road the nets have gone on to protect the grapes from birds and the apple trees are groaning under the weight of all their fruit.

The glasshouse at the nursery is still empty and the vegetable garden is very overgrown. I’m sure we will be getting on to fixing that next week!

Last week’s weather (somehow I remember there being more rain…)



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