Term 1 – Week 3 – Tractors & Quads

The majority of this week was spent gaining skills on the tractors and quad bikes.


Claas tractor – the biggest tractor at Bannockburn Rd campus



First time driving the John Deere



On to the next level of tractor

Now I’ve driven all three of the tractors at the Bannockburn campus. The easiest one is the little John Deere. It’s very simple and intuitive. The next step is to get better at using the bucket and then towing implements, such as a sprayer or mower.


Ryu mastering the quad bike

Riding the quads was a lot of fun once I got the hang of them. We went out to the motor track and had a great afternoon racing around. The quads have a roll bar installed to add some protection, otherwise they can be pretty dangerous.


Weather – Hot and sunny! We’ve had a last little bit of summer before autumn hits.


Does this tree really think it’s already autumn?! Taken at Lake Hayes

Last week’s weather:



One thought on “Term 1 – Week 3 – Tractors & Quads

  1. An awesome blog Katie – a terrific ‘Summer Summary’, with wonderful relevant photos, plus you have the weather summary – you are a star thank you! Keep it up, cheers Jo


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