Term 1 – Week 9 – Last week of term


Early morning at McArthur Ridge vineyard

Term one is over! Actually it’s term 3 for me since I started half way through last year. I finished off my pests and diseases assignments and successfully did my plant ID test.

We harvested the chardonnay and pinot noir grapes at the Bannockburn campus. It was exciting to see them going off to be turned into wine. The vines look so bare now, no fruit and the leaves are falling off now as well.


Chardonnay grapes

In propagation we processed some Pittosporum tenuifolium seed. Little pods hold lots of sticky seeds. Once you manage to get the seeds out you rub them with fine sand to separate them.


Left: seeds in pods. Right: Pittosporum young tree and seeds rubbed in sand.

Over the holidays I worked at McArthur Ridge vineyard, helping with the harvest. It was a really great experience. Long days and hard work but very rewarding and such a beautiful setting. It’s such a huge operation (170 hectares of pinot noir) so it was interesting to see how it was all organised.


Pinot noir ready to be picked

Last week’s weather:



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